REI’s evrgrn Crash Sack

A Snuggie-like sleeping bag for walking around in the outdoors

At the beginning of this summer, REI debuted their new in-house product line evrgrn. It is aimed at the growing number of people who want to enjoy the spirit of the outdoors, but aren’t necessarily seeking out technical gear for an upcoming backcountry expedition. Similar to brands like Ticla, that are focusing less on equipment and more on the experience, evrgrn offers products that champion function and style, for the more casual camper. And rather than collecting dust in the garage until those once-a-year trips, the chairs, tables and coolers can be used more frequently to encourage your outdoors-loving lifestyle, from the park to outdoor concerts or even a backyard patio.

We’re enamored with evrgrn’s Crash Sack, a sleeping bag that transforms into a wearable “jacket” come breakfast thanks to arm holes, a hood and a bottom that clips up for easy walking. Like a Snuggie that’s slightly easier to wear around camp, the Crash Sack allows the possibility for you to never have to leave your sleeping bag all weekend long—even on the drive back.

The evrgrn Crash Sack is available from REI online for $119 in three different colorways. Other highlights from the line’s debut collection include a folding bamboo tabletop and a tent with a mesh roof for stargazing.

Images courtesy of REI