JetVegas, Zune Giveaway

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Thrillist and Jetblue joined forces to create the boozy whirlwind forever to be remembered as JetVegas. It was a sponsor-laden 36-hour boondoggle from New York to Vegas and back, enjoyed by 150 media-types and those who love us. Whether we subscribe to the cliché or just had too much Skyy to remember, what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.

We teamed up with Zune to put Cool Hunting Video into each goody bag—everyone got a 4GB player preloaded with our 50 most recent videos. Want one? We have a few extra to giveaway to readers. Select CH Video Zune Giveaway in the contact form below and tell us what you think our next video should be about by Thursday, 19 June 2008, 11:59pm EST. We'll choose our favorites from the entries. And, you never know, maybe we'll even produce a suggested video!

photos via Refinery29 and Mediapost