New guides from the anti-tourist travel site

Only a few short months after its debut earlier this year, online travel hub Fathom has expanded its scope of original travel-related tales to include essential tips for planning trips to unfamiliar cities. The visually-pleasing site is filled with memorable stories and practical advice as colorful and intoxicating as featured destinations. With vibrant photographs linked to every post a taste of international travel is only a click away.


This unusually pleasant approach to vacation planning is no happy accident. Motivated by past experiences of wading through extensive recommendation lists, founder and CEO Pavia Rosati worked with editorial director Jeralyn Gerba to “create a beautiful place for the travel-proud to get inspired, then come back and share their adventures.”

So far, Fathom’s Postcards make up the bulk of the site. From product guides and photo galleries to videos and questionnaires, the Postcards contain first-person content written for travelers by travelers. Within the heading “I Travel for the…,” each post reveals whether such categories as food, romance or culture motivate the traveling contributor. The Tools section, an especially “useful amenity,” offers general resources for money tips, links to sites with the best airfare and travel-friendly applications for smartphones.


Fathom’s latest section to debut, Guides compiles incredibly helpful information for cities all over the globe. This includes cleverly-orchestrated itineraries like London’s “I’m Here on Business” and New York’s “Two Old Broads in NYC.” Other categories list top restaurants, hotels, shops, sites, and nightlife spots—all at varying price points—with an insightful blurb to help you pick the right ones for you. Written by locals who know the area best with content updated as needed, you can’t go wrong with Fathom’s city guides. Recognizing that savvy travelers refer to various sources, each venue listed also includes links to relevant news and travel sites that have something to say about that spot. For a short-form list of local essentials, every featured city also includes a Cheat Sheet with info like tipping customs and convenient forms of travel.


Fathom Guides are currently available for New York City, London, Berlin and The Hamptons. Sign up for Fathom’s newsletter to get your wanderlust going. Also, feel free to contribute to the site by sending in a postcard with your most exciting travel adventures.