Le Cool Changed My Life


Like no other guide book you've seen, Le Cool Changed My Life. A Weird And Wonderful Guide To Barcelona didn't quite change my life but it certainly made my trip to Barcelona a lot more fun. The second edition is just out and British editor Andrew sent a few over for us to check out.

The small hardbound guide may look like Mao's Little Red Book, but once you open it up you'll see the quotes aren't exactly from the Chinese Chairman. Who better than locals in the know to help you make sense of the city's labyrinthine streets? Hip Catalans share their tips on where to eat; the guy who started local chocolate-chain Xocoa describes his ideal day in the city; and the man who runs an association for Barcelona's fashion designers gives up where he buys his own threads. In between, there's everything from walking guides linking the essential shops, a matter-of-fact pricelist for illegal narcotics and where to find a good sex club (should the need arise). The best hotels get a mention too, but Gaudi is kept to a minimum.

Originally born from a free weekly email guide to Barcelona, this new edition features about 30 more pages than the original with many redesigned sections. There are also lovely illustrated maps courtesy of local designers Vasava.

Check out the site for a good look at the guide. It's available now directly from Le Cool, and on Amazon UK from 17 August 2006.

We have two copies to give away. Send us an email in the next day and let us know why you need a copy; the two best answers get a free guide, practically ensuring a great time in the Catalan capital.

Winners of the contest can be found here