Campvibes Communique W15

Poler heads to Croatia with Nike SB and goes ice skating in Sweden in their second print publication


As longtime supporters of Poler and their casual approach to outdoor apparel and equipment, we were excited to see the Portland-based brand branch into print this past fall with Campvibes Communique magazine. Now, they’re at it again with the very recent release of W15. Packed with beautiful photography and no shortage of Poler’s latest product, the seasonal publication features a myriad of adventures from around the world, from traveling Croatia by boat and board with Nike Skateboarding to exploring the wilds of their native Oregon on their limited edition collaboration Awol bike with Specialized.


No piece inspires quite like the segment on ice skating on frozen—and sometimes not-so-frozen—ponds in Sweden, which can be seen in video form via a playful two-minute clip put out in November last year. To see the process in greater detail, you’ll have to grab a copy of Campvibes Communique W15, which is available for $5 at Poler Stuff online.

Images courtesy of Poler