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Poler + Castelli

Portland’s premier “outdoor stuff” brand teams up with the Italian cycling clothier for a limited-edition furry camo cycling kit


While Poler‘s reputation may lead many to believe they are strictly creators of “camp vibes,” their latest collaboration with performance cycling attire brand Castelli proves Poler’s interests relate to all things outdoors. The limited edition cycling kit—previously exclusively donned by Poler’s cylcocross team—features Poler’s signature “furry camo” print with all the high performance tech Castelli is known for. Considering Castelli’s progressive approach to marketing—backing Manual for Speed, an open-minded online journal capturing the spirit of speed in professional cycling—it seems Poler couldn’t have chosen a better partner for the debut of their cycling apparel.

Each piece is being produced on a per-order basis, meaning no jersey will be made until the order is processed. Get in on the pre-order now through Friday 6 September to take advantage of the limited run collab. The Poler + Castelli jersey sells for $100 alone, while the kit (with jersey, arm-warmers and bib) sells for $275.

Image by Brian Moreno


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