Poler + Granted Sweater Vest

A truly hand-knitted item from two brands enthusiastic about outdoor adventures


Like seemingly everyone else this season, the team at CH can’t get enough camp vibes from Poler, Portland’s colorful purveyor of outdoor “stuff.” Yesterday, they provided another reason to pay the site a visit with the release of a new sweater vest, made in collaboration with Vancouver’s
Granted Clothing—a label who base their creations on knitwear from the ’70s but update the designs with oddball tinges fit for a modern aesthetic.


Unlike a fair amount of knitwear made currently, the entirety of the vest is truly hand-knitted, made from 100% pure wool and takes between 10 and 15 hours to complete. Featuring very outdoorsy motifs—a tent, a campfire and, on the back, a mountain—this vest takes the concept of the “ugly sweater,” embraces it and flips it on its head; with just the right amount of charming kitsch.

The Poler + Granted unisex sweater vest has already started selling fast and some sizes have temporarily sold out. Nab one now from Poler’s online store where they sell for $250.

Images courtesy of Poler + Granted