100 Minutes Of Havana


If the Sharks and the Jets had been armed with paintbrushes, they may have ended up in a battle like 100 Minutes Of Havana, an art duel at Village Underground that pits two teams of acclaimed artists against each other in race to see who can create the best wall mural in 100 minutes.

Sponsored by Havana Club rum, the beguiling competition is set in motion by design studio Intercity and Secret Wars art battle proponent Monorex. Equipped with nothing more than colored acrylics and Edding pens, the artists will show their skills as they celebrate Cuban culture and street art on the 40ft wide wall.

A projection of the above logo will be used as the timer, with each circle representing one minute. The end results will be judged by a panel of experts in addition to the crowd vote, which will be a measurement of decibels. Both murals will be on display at the East London venue from 5-10 March, alongside key pieces from the 100 Pieces of Havana exhibition.

100 Minutes of Havana
Village Underground
4 March 2009, 7pm
London EC2A 3PQ map
tel. +44 0207 426 0616