An ’80s Era All-Girl Skate Gang, The Hags

Stevie Bates started the all-girl skate gang The Hags back in 1983 or ’84, and the 10+ crew could be seen rolling around West LA with matching canvas patches on the backs of their jackets. Skating since she was nine years old, Bates says she started the gang because she was rejected from the male gang The Jaks and because “everything is more fun in groups, and it was good to have the girl power thing.” During the ’80s there were articles written about them. They even featured in Pat Benatar’s “Ooh Ooh Song” music video. What started as a form of rebellion was much more, as member Michel Miller says, “Even though we were these total party chicks, we were interested in social justice, though I hate that phrase. We were rebellious and we wanted a different world and we wanted more acceptance… Those rowdy, tough girls who didn’t take shit and paved their own way—those are core parts of who we are as people.” Read the full feature over at Bust.