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Agora II


Last Friday, Agora II, an interactive dance performance or "a choreographic game for one thousand bodies," previewed at the empty pool that has recently been repurposed for performances in Brooklyn's McCarren Park. The performance is interactive in the modern sense of the term, in that there are videos, live drummers and flashing lights. But you also have performers that ask you to hold their arm tightly and to not let go, or whisper sweet nothings into your ear. I was transfixed by the Butoh Rockettes as they slowly moved about. The pool is an amazing setting to be in and you get a different eye-full from every end, deep or shallow.

Also, if you get the player ticket (which you really should), you get a very little costume and a small part to play in the performance. Everyone is encouraged to join the disco dance finale. By the end, even the teenage girls—who were at first too cool for school—were dancing too.

Agora II
13-30 September 2006
Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm
McCarren Park Pool
Brooklyn, NY 11211 map
tel. +1 718 388 6309


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