An Ongoing List of Black-Owned Art Spaces Around the World

With 85+ spaces so far, Dazed Digital’s ongoing list of Black-owned galleries, museums and art spaces includes locations all over—from London to Lagos. Another industry in which systemic oppression and racism quietly festers, the art world sees “no shortage of the works of Black artists being exhibited, sold, and auctioned, but there remains a disparity between the number of Black artists on the walls and Black people in positions of power within institutional walls.” While this list shines a light on Black-owned spaces and their importance, it’s by no means complete, and Dazed writers Ashleigh Kane, Thom Waite and Gunseli Yalcinkaya encourage readers to submit suggestions to ashleigh.kane [at] We look forward to watching this resource continue to grow. See more at Dazed Digital.