Andreas Nicolas Fischer: Data Visualization Art


Combining science with art to talk about some of the pertinent issues of our times, Andreas Nicholas Fischer's data sculptures are beautiful executions of scientific information.

The Munich-born, Berlin-based artist, like Chris Jordan, is leading the way in a certain type of art that opens the dialogue about issues we face today, from the economy to privacy violations. Proving himself as both a skilled craftsman and experienced analyst, the young artist makes statistical mappings, like "Fundament," which shows the allocation of the world’s gross domestic product in comparison to the worldwide derivatives volume (pictured at right).

In addition to sculpture, Fischer uses algorithms to create elegant, amoeba-like digital images inspired by theoretical botany and the growth process in nature (pictured below).


While Fischer dabbles with mediums, data informs all of his work in some way.


Though not currently on exhibit, if you're in Berlin keep an eye out for his "Der Wandel in Zahlen," an extension of an existing thermometer that shows the difference between today's temperature and that 50 years ago.