Pulse: An Emotion Visualization Organism


Pulse is a live visualization project by Berlin-based artist Markus Kison. It's based around a shapeshifting, heart-like object that reacts to the emotions expressed by the authors of private weblogs on blogger.com. A program aggregates words in blogs' text and scans for synonyms that correlate with the emotional concepts in Robert Plutchik's three-dimensional circumplex model describing the psychoevolutionary theory of emotion. The more one a the emotions is represented, the more corresponding portion of the organism is mechanically activated. Blurring the lines between art and technology, Pulse uses data to create the very organic visualization.

A similar concept underlies Jonathan Harris' "We Feel Fine" project (as seen in a previous CH video), but instead of Harris' digital depiction, it takes a tangible form. Watch a video of Pulse in action below.

via Computerlove