Keetja Allard: Art Basel Miami Beach 2007


For CH's fourth annual look at Art Basel Miami Beach, we decided to take a different approach. Rather than shoot videos as we've done the previous two years or report on the same old sights and sounds that the hundreds of other media outlets cover anyway, we opted to bring a different sort of visual stimulation.

Instead we enlisted NYC-based photographer Keetja Allard armed with a couple of Lomo's new Diana and a couple of their Holgas (as well as her own cameras) to see what she would find. The result is a look at the art, the people looking at art, the queues in front of the clubs and the parties. At times absurd, at times beautiful and at times everything in-between, it's a general impression of "the scene" that transpires over the long weekend in Miami. Keetja also manages to capture some of the moments that are truly off-site, visiting beaches, catching some epic views and even boarding a private jet for a day trip to Turks and Caicos.

Browse through the gallery below for a taste of what Art Basel was like this year.