Miami Shopping Guide: Art Basel Edition

Where to stock and flaunt your art party wardrobe for the fairs

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Next week Art Basel and its plethora of satellite fairs will hit Miami, bringing the international art community together for the industry’s most important stateside event of the year. Amidst all the new talent on display are the media, artists and megawatt collectors there to buy, view and party into the weekend. Miami serves as a stylish backdrop to it all, playing host to the eclectic crowd both day and night.

Art world fashion has come to rival the art itself, so our editors—with help from one of Société Perrier’s top tastemakers to follow on Twitter, Maria Argüello—have pulled together a list of shopping events hosted throughout the week to help expressive players and party-goers dress their own blank canvas. Check out our picks on Société Perrier, from Stella McCartney’s tea party at The Webster and Prada’s posh new set up, to the Lacoste alligator’s fundraiser for its brethren in the Everglades and more.