Artist Misha Kahn’s “Watermelon Party” Exhibit for Dries Van Noten

Two retail structures—referred to as The Big House and The Little House—form Dries Van Noten’s 8,500-square-foot, open-layout Los Angeles store, which opened in October of last year. The Big House showcases current collections by the Belgian fashion designer, while The Little House plays host to exhibitions by collaborative artists. Now through 6 May, sculptor Misha Kahn occupies the latter with Watermelon Party, an exhibition of fanciful VR-created claymation furniture. As expected, they’re whimsical, weird and wonderful. Dries Van Noten and Kahn also collaborated on a limited edition silk bomber jacket and T-shirt, designed by Van Noten and featuring a motif by Kahn. Read more about the space and collaboration at Grazia.

Image courtesy of Dries Van Noten