Miami Art Week 2018: Designer Misha Kahn’s Bellyflop Collection for Poolside Use

Outdoor entertaining reimagined at The Miami Beach EDITION

There’s life to NYC-based artist and designer Misha Kahn‘s work. It’s a taste of anthropomorphism blended with a touch of childhood nightmare…or daydream. Twists and turns and irregularities beget playful pieces that, if one turns away, might just leave of their own accord. In the ever-crowding design world, Kahn’s style has become easily recognizable and deservedly so. During Miami Art Week, he applied all of this to a set of accessories imagined for poolside use, the Bellyflop collection.

Courtesy of Artsy

Made by hand in Turkey, the golden aluminum and glass collection includes pitchers, cups, straws and a carrying tray. Prospect NY and Artsy collaborated on their development and release. At their debut, Kahn also revealed tie-dye inflatable sculptures that doubled as cushions and pool floats. It was one of many events hosted at the Miami Beach EDITION this year, including others for the Haas Brothers, Daniel Arsham, Paddle8, as well as Sarah Bahbah‘s immersive work “We’re Not Really Strangers.”

Installation of the Bellyflop Collection by Misha Kahn. Photo by Sean Zanni/PMC.

Kahn’s limited edition Bellyflop collection can be purchased online now through Artsy or Prospect NY. Other Kahn works can be acquired through his gallery, Friedman Benda.