I haven't heard much from Battles, a math-hip-hop-rock super group, since I was dazed by their supersonic onslaught during the Surrounded by Silence Prefuse 73 tour some years back. But this 2 April 2007 they're releasing their single "Atlas" (digitally and on 12" vinyl) from their first full-length album, Mirrored, which is due out 15 May 2007 from Warp. They also just kicked off their world tour, which will be winding it's way through the U.S. and into Europe. Make sure to catch them if they come into your vicinity because they put on one of the most energetic live shows out there.

Battles consists of multi-instrumentalist Tyondai Braxton, drummer John Stanier (Helmet, Tomahawk), who plays his kit with an unusually high crash cymbal (right), guitarist/keyboardist Ian Williams (Don Caballero), and guitarist/bassist Dave Konopka (Lynx). This new album will be the the first time Battles incorporates vocals into their driving, hypnotic sound. We haven't heard the full length yet, but on "Atlas", Braxton digitizes and manipulates his voice to emulate a chipmunk of sorts, as drummer John Stanier maintains a clockwork beat that grounds Willams' texturizations. A truly original sound, NME comments, "when the world is invaded by robots in 2067 this will still sound ahead of its time."

Listen to "Atlas" and other tracks here and stay tuned for the release of Mirrored.