Benevolence Farm Opens Pathways For Formerly Incarcerated Women

On 13 acres in North Carolina, Benevolence Farm—founded by Tanya Jisa—exists as an employment and residency program that helps recently incarcerated women adjust to life after prison. Through fair wages, housing and a connection to nature, this initiative provides residents with a system of support that the criminal justice system fails to supply. While it’s creating pathways toward a sustainable, employed future for residents—and has already lowered the rate of recidivism for their employees down to 5% (a rate lower than the national average of 40%)—the farm’s goals are much bigger. Staff at Benevolence also advocate for larger systemic upheaval, helping women who are currently in prison and organizing for a fairer society where prisons don’t exist at all. Learn more about the farm and its inspiring work at Civil Eats.

Image courtesy of Keia Blount/Civil Eats