Re-Entry Rocks + Just Soul Catering Use Food To Empower Formerly Incarcerated Women

When Sharon Richardson returned home and rejoined the outside world after a 20-year sentence for the murder of her abuser, she realized being formerly incarcerated was a lifetime label. These re-entry barriers—along with the cooking skills she learned in prison as a response to undernourishing cafeteria food—inspired her to create Just Soul Catering, a business that employs formerly incarcerated people, and Re-Entry Rocks, a non-profit organization that provides job training, counseling and other resources for formerly incarcerated women with histories of domestic violence. By sharing how to make food with others, Richardson empowers women and nonbinary individuals to lead better lives after prison. As the New York-based entrepreneur says, her mission is “to change the way the world sees formerly incarcerated individuals, sees women, sees mothers, daughters, friends—all that we are.” Read more about her critical work at Bon Appétit.

Image courtesy of Isa Zapata/Bon Appétit