Big Dreamers


Big Dreamers is a funny and intelligently constructed documentary that examines the efforts of a country town to stamp itself on Australia's tourist map with a big gumboot, after falling sugar prices have decimated the local farming industry. Directed by Camille Hardman and written by John Fink, it's obvious that a lot of time has been well spent putting this gripping story together. Accounts from the local identities, farmers, artists, rotary members and the resident UFO nut, as well as the main players, are combined effectively to form a coherent narrative.

The scenery, farming images and weather are all used superbly to convey the country town feeling and the struggle to get the boot built. Segments which interview the guardians of other "big" Australian eyesores provide some of the funniest moments.

The film has successfully toured festivals around the world and it is disappointing it never received a commercial release. Films like "Kenny" have proven there is an audience for this type of material.