David Bowie's Warhol tribute, garage rock's new DREAMERS, Christian Tiger School's #PrivateJam and more in the music we tweeted this week

The newly formulated trio DREAMERS is living up to their name, evidenced by the music video for their sweet and easily digestible garage rock single “Wolves.” Shot on a Hi8 tape camera from the ’90s, the video gives off a campy, gritty aesthetic and (like any good low-budget horror movie) it includes romance, violence and death. “Everything about the video was made to intentionally resemble late ’80s/early ’90s TV and pulp horror cinema. Twin Peaks was a direct inspiration for a lot of the art design, and the werewolf twist was always intended to be a little cheesy,” director Nikolai Vanyo tells CH. DREAMERS’ first LP, This Album Does Not Exist, drops 18 November 2014.