Bilt Teams Up With H.G. Schiavon for Summer Collection

The CDMX-based artist created three exclusive works for members

Each season, Bilt (a loyalty card with a program that allows users to build credit and earn points for their rent) partners with an artist who creates a collection of limited edition artworks that are available to members. This season’s resident artist is CDMX-based H.G. Schiavon, a self-taught painter whose abstract works explore the human figure to create something quite otherworldly. Bilt resident artists are given a $12,500 grant and collaborate with the brand on three to four custom pieces. They are also the subject of a short documentary that shares the artist’s work with a broader audience.

The team at Bilt also works to create a selection of products inspired by and pertaining to the art. The summer collection draws from Schiavon’s eclectic and thoughtful use of colors and textures—elements that are intrinsic to his style.

Exploring the countless emotions that come with existing as humans in a tempestuous, oftentimes frightening world, Schiavon’s works convey a sense of chaos but also power. His three exclusive, limited edition pieces—”I Am Because We Are (Soy por que Somos),” “Individuality In Creation (Individualidad en Creacion)” and “The Otherness (La Otroriedad)”—for the program are available for purchase on the Bilt Rewards app now. Beyond promoting artists and encouraging collectors, this program creates buzz for emerging creators beyond traditional platforms.

Images courtesy of H.G. Schiavon and Bilt