Björk: Lionsong (Vulnicura Strings Version)

Though Björk just released the final installment of remixes for her heartbreak album Vulnicura, she’s not done yet reworking the dense layers of material. The Icelandic heroine will be releasing an “acoustic” version of the full LP, featuring new sonic point-of-views, violin solos and a unique instrument called the Viola Organista (an instrument designed by Leonardo da Vinci but built after his time; apparently there’s only one in the world and it’s in Krakow, Poland). “It became one of the most magical thing both musically and spiritually to unite the electronics and the acoustic instruments in an almost romantic way : to prove they can coexist !” wrote Björk of working on Vulnicura. “but while working on it i felt somehow for the first time , this was an album that could take another version : a reveal.” The techno-free string adaption of “Lionsong”—still featuring her soaring vocals—shows not only timeless Björk’s music can be, but how powerful it is with only a few stringed instruments.