Blaine Fontana: Lineage Show


Blaine Fontana (you may remember him from a Scion) will be having his very first solo exhibit on the east coast, opening this evening in the city of brotherly love—Philadelphia. As his largest installation show to date, it will feature original paintings, graphite drawings, two brand new limited edition lithograph prints as well as the first eight of his Nestkeeper figurines. So if you heading to Old City tonight for First Friday, stop by the Lineage Gallery to have a gander at his new body of work, although somewhat ostentatiously titled, The Manifest Soup Transcripts of Four Corners. He'll be at the opening reception from 7-10pm. Perhaps some kind brotherly Philly resident will be generous enough to bring him a bottle of Yuengling to congratulate and welcome him. The show will be up thru 8 October, but for those not able to make it to Philadelphia, check out his website for a list of where he'll be thru July 2007.

When and Where:
Lineage Gallery
21 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
1 September 2006, 6-10pm
show thru 8 October 2006