Boundless Gallery


We're always a fan of a good website stemming from simple ideas that have been competently executed. BoundlessGallery is one such site that connects thousands of artists from all over the world with potential buyers and clients, creating a global art marketplace that excludes the corpulent art dealer in the middle.

After just a cursory look at some of the artists added in the past few days, there seems to be a lot of quality work representing a range of genres. Aside from the October artist of the month, the site gives many other new and otherwise obscure artists the exposure they deserve.

Organized into several different compartments, a search engine allows artists and clients to find each other. Guests of the site can also tour virtual studios using the site's in-built interface to negotiate directly with the artist before deciding whether to purchase a piece.

Of course the internet has its limitations as nothing can replace the ability to see or feel a piece in the physical realm. To help compensate, Boundless will super-impose an artwork to scale in your chosen space so that you can make a better assessment of what that piece would look like in your home or office. Clients with an artistic vision that needs to be actualized can also contact an artist to commission the piece, choosing from one of thousands of artists that have already registered with the Carbondale, Illinois-based virtual art broker.