Business of Fashion’s Notes From Metaverse Fashion Week

From 23 to 27 March, Decentraland—the popular blockchain-based, 3D virtual world—hosted the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week, a showcase expanding the boundaries of fashion in the metaverse. It’s still nascent but we expect continued evolution and development in the space and are monitoring it closely. “The biggest drawback is that the visuals are fairly basic, in part as a compromise to allow the experience to work smoothly on the internet’s present-day infrastructure,” writes Marc Bain, making it difficult to capture details on clothes and present more complex garments. Coupled with the lack of interactive components for the audience, basic visuals made virtual runways less effective. Aspects that did shine were digital wearables (some of which sold out) and the convergence of 2D imagery in 3D worlds, which was evidenced in Auroboros’ immersive space created with Grimes. Overall, this new frontier presented challenges as well opportunities. Check out the feature on Business of Fashion for the full review.

Image courtesy of Marc Bain