CHAI: Surprise

Japanese group CHAI have released the buoyant track “Surprise” along with an equally colorful and vibrant Yoshio Nakaiso-directed video. The clip is a nod to when the band’s trailer was stolen during their North American tour, “We were able to continue our shows because of the overwhelming support and love from all of you. We never forget how much we appreciate you, and we want to continue to give back to our fans through music, forever and ever. This music video was shot under the blue skies of Los Angeles, with gratitude,” they say in a statement. Carried by house-inflected piano, uplifting vocals and an overarching perky, uplifting energy, the song works as a useful antidote to doom and gloom. “We all have that precious ‘something’ that we can’t express in words,” the statement continues. “We want to feel and love that ‘surprise.’ Those become the surprises of our lives, and I become a brand new me. That’s what we had in mind when we wrote ‘Surprise.'”