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You may have noticed it has been a light week of posting around here.

Our efforts have been focused on creating last night's party celebrating the 50th episode of Cool Hunting Video. Held at the Art Director's Club here in New York we brought together art, music, food and beverage that has previously been featured on the site or in our videos.

Over 400 people joined us and saw the work of Brian Dewan (CHV 50), Richard Dupont (CHV 1), Ian Hundley (CHV 33), Shintaro Okamoto (ice sculpting video coming soon) Tristan Perich (CHV 8 and 34), Jonathan Schipper (CHV 39), Leo Villareal (posts) and Jason Young (post).

Our videos were projected in a screening room as well as above the party floor; they were also set up on iMacs and iPods for people to check out in case they hadn't seen them before. Food and beverage from Cabo Chips, Capogiro Gelato Artisans, DRY Soda, Kettle Bakes Chips, Brooklyn Brewery, Chocolove, Zico and Absolut was enjoyed by all. Everyone received a copy of the DVD commemorating the first set of Cool Hunting Video episodes.

A huge thanks to everyone who made the night possible: Scott and Ari from m ss ng p eces, Noah from Ancillary Magnet, Jen from the ADC, DJ Scribe, Todd, Leti, Ted and Carlos. And an extra special thanks to Ami Kealoha, our Managing Editor, who not only keeps the site going but also knows how to throw a great party—we could not have done it without her.

Above on the left is a shot of the space with Schipper's piece in the center. On the right is Shintaro Okamoto's ice sculpture of Otis and Logan, our mascots. Both of the above by our friend and supporter, Doug Jaeger and his Treo. More photos are coming soon.


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