Cool Hunting Valentine’s Day Finds


Predictable Valentine's day fare validates everything consumerist and cheesy about the made-up holiday. For paramours and life partners alike, these gifts are perfect ways to treat sweethearts to something as special as they are. Check them all out after the jump.


Firefly Lube
Firefly, a brand-new, all-natural lube features a laundry list of perks like zero preservatives, latex compatibility, neutral taste, soothing Green Tea Extract, and moisturizing Cocoa and Shea Butters, outdoing its smelly, sticky competitors in every way.

$18 from Firefly


See Birds and Bees design that can be yours for $240.


My Beating Heart
A worthy surrogate bedmate, this cuddly heart-shaped pillow features a tiny motor that softly pulses, mimicking a lifelike heartbeat.

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Jones Soda
Bring this kit on a romantic picnic and enjoy two bottles of Jones' Love Potion #6, a coupon book redeemable for items like "uninterrupted gazing into each others eyes" and two more bottles of soda, a CD sampler, and Love Potion #6 lip balm.

$10 from Jones Soda.

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Razor Blade Necklace
Crafted by Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Judith Hoetker, this bauble forgoes Tiffany preciousness for rocker allure — love hurts.

$114 from Artez'n

Ukiyo5 Limited Edition Silk Ties
Designed by Swiss-based artist Ukiyo5, the Japanimation-influenced vector graphics on these 100% silk ties can be secreted away under a sportcoat if the occasion demands.

$38 from Pixelgirl Shop.


Classic mix tapes are unbeatable for expressing perfect High Fidelity-style love, but a custom playlist burned on one of these discs should still get your Valentine in the right mood.

$7.50 from 5inch

via Popgadget.


Les Champignons
Michel Cluizel's mushrooms feature a caramel-filled stem and a cap of almond nougatine. The upshot is nothing short of exquisite.

Starting at $10 from Michel Cluizel. Also, if you' plan to celebrate in New York, make reservations from 9 February through 14 February for Michel Cluizel's 10-course chocolate sampling menu ($30) at his new stateside outpost. Call 212-477-7335.


Love and Hate Mimobots
A limited edition of 333 each, this collaboration with Shawnimals, the latest from Mimoco, kicks off their Artist-designed Mimobot series and is also available as a plush toy.

Starting at $60 each from Mimoco

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