Creative Time + Pedro Reyes’ “Doomocracy” at the Brooklyn Army Terminal

A politically-themed haunted house across the epic space in Sunset Park

For anyone unfamiliar with the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, statistics help paint a clear picture. Built back in 1917, it’s over 95 acres of land, warehouses, cargo and docks in South Brooklyn. There are similarities here to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which has been playing host to art galas, performance pieces and product releases for years now. Public art powerhouse (and non-profit) Creative Time recently wrapped their stunning “Fly by Night” presentation with artist Duke Riley at the Navy Yard, and now they’ve got their sights set on the Army Terminal. In partnering with artist Pedro Reyes, they plan to bring a show known as “Doomocracy” to light this fall—with the help of Kickstarter. And much like “Fly by Night” and Creative Time’s Kara Walker Domino Sugar Factor piece “A Subtlety,” this will be one not to miss.

“Doomocracy” purports to be a haunted house take on political dialogue utilizng the Army Terminal’s decaying surroundings and all blended with some of the cultural attributes of Halloween. Much like “Sleep No More,” it’s an entirely immersive installation featuring hundreds of cast members and an overarching storyline. According to Katie Hollander, Creative Time Executive Director, Reyes’ vision granted them the confidence to undertake something of this scale. “When he proposed the idea for a satirical political haunted house,” she explains “we knew it was a timely, relevant, and necessary project—and represented our commitment to art that engages with and shapes the public dialogue.” Within the space, the artist has planned a maze that guides guests through such topics as climate change and gun violence. Anyone who is tingling with political anxieties right now will only find more fodder inside and outside of the rooms at the installation—regardless of one’s affiliations.

As for why they’ve taken to Kickstarter, it’s to cover the sheer overhead of hiring so many hands to be on the grounds. The campaign is seeking to raise $80,000 in order to produce the event by 7 October. You can support “Doomocracy” on Kickstarter now. A $5 pledge registers you as a Doomocrat, a $100 pledge delivers a video walkthrough and a $300 pledge locks down two guaranteed tickets to a performance (while it will be free and open to the public, past Creative Time events have accrued waiting lists of tens of thousands of people). If funded, it will run through Halloween and almost until Election Day.

Images courtesy of Creative Time