A Very David Shrigley Playlist

Some of the artist's favorite songs right now, selected to celebrate his new collaboration

Multi-talented British artist (and CH favorite) David Shrigley has teamed up once again with Melbourne-based design studio and store Third Drawer Down for a playful collection of trinkets and treasures. While it’s a relatively small collection, it’s ultimately Shrigley—with plenty of literal messaging and a hint of cynicism. There’s a series of buttons (saying Ploys Holp Me, Noodles, Potato, Look at my Badge, and Back in 5 Minutes), a set of shoelaces (printed with the words I Lost a Shoe, and I Found a Shoe), plus three necklaces. The silver and black charms are sterling-plated and say Fucking Ace, Strive For Excellence and (our favorite) is engraved with It’s OK on one side and It’s Not OK on the other—wear it either way, depending on your mood.

In order to celebrate this new collection, Shrigley created a playlist just for Cool Hunting. As is his wont, he decided not to theme it and simply put together a selection of songs that he likes. Featuring The Blind Shake, Jay Mascis, The Universal Togetherness Band and more, it’s a varied and excellent selection of music, plucked from the mind of one of our favorite artists.

Images courtesy of Third Drawer Down