Denali: An Outdoor Photographer and His Dog

This Patagonia produced short film touches the heart amidst beautiful imagery

Over just seven minutes, a sad, funny and ultimately beautiful story unfolds between a man and his dog. This film, titled “Denali,” celebrates a relationship that survived a nomadic lifestyle, a bout with cancer and—ultimately—death. It’s a stunning and moving portrait, both emotional and stoic—and always relatable.

Outdoor and surf photographer Ben Moon adopted his dog Denali in 1999. They stuck together through good times and bad, further forging an unforgettable bond. Under the direction of Felt Soul Media‘s Ben Knight, cinematographer Skip Armstrong and with the support of Patagonia, their story has become available to everyone.

“There was this really smart scientist guy who said that people can learn a lot from dogs. He said that when someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy,” explains the narrator—Knight, who also authored the script from Denali’s perspective. There is joy to this film. Coupled with the beach scenes and landscapes, this joy is resonant and makes the film truly worth watching.

Video and images courtesy of Patagonia