Dufala Brothers: Trophy


I'd never heard of Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala, two brothers producing art together under the moniker Dufala Brothers, until yesterday when Amy Adams, director of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery in Philadelphia, sent me a couple of jaw-dropping images of their recent work. Now I'm contemplating a day trip to Philly just to see their installation.

"Long Runner" (below) and "Special Air Mission 28000" (right), are both to be included in the brothers' new exhibition, "Trophy," which opens today. Since I haven't had the chance to see the remainder of the work yet, I can only hope it will be on equal footing with these jocular Nike sculptures.


27 February-28 March, 2009
Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

1616 Walnut, Suite 100

Philadelphia, PA 19103 map

tel. +1 215 545 7562