Erik Foss: Word

Artist Erik Foss reshapes the alphabet with smutty cut-outs


Co-owner of one of downtown NYC’s more notorious bars Lit Lounge and the similarly lowbrow-inspired Fuse Gallery, it most likely comes as no surprise that Erik Foss‘ “Word” series consists of pin-up girls “artfully arranged” to create a very sexy alphabet. We had the chance to see the series in person in Miami, at the Anonymous Gallery booth inside Scope. With the Art Basel bonanza going strong, Foss’ works stood out for their minimal, elementry school-style take on the risqué subjects.


But staying true to Foss’ provocative style, the entire assortment of all 26 letters of the alphabet collages some of the most naughty bits of 70’s pornography. The patchwork characters are a mix of hips, legs, butts and busts. While some letters like “V” are pretty straightforward, others such as “W” are a an intricate tangle of torsos and calves. Naturally our favorite letter was “O.”

sexybet3.jpg sexybet4.jpg

None of the letters would be suitable for work or small children, but the enticingly intimate series is an interesting, semi-erotic way to reconnect with the tools we use to construct language. If you want to own any of Foss’ “Word” pieces, the series is available for purchase as a whole or as individual letters. For a more brazen approach, you can pick up a limited edition t-shirt with your favorite letter printed across the chest from the Anonymous gallery shop.