Farewell to Legendary American Photographer Robert Frank

Documentary photographer Robert Frank has passed away at 94 years old. Frank’s seminal book of photographs, The Americans pioneered a new direction for the discipline as he depicted seemingly ordinary scenes of people from various classes. As Alex Greenberger writes for ArtNews, “Frank’s unsparing eye sought to portray things as they really were—unaestheticized, somewhat plain, more than a little dour. Yet, for all the bleakness of his images, both still and moving, Frank… was able to capture gritty truths about the American experience that had previously gone undepicted by artists before him.” The book of 83 images (all shot in black and white on a Leica 35mm) launched discussions about what constitutes art, as he created tender and thoughtful portraits of those who lived on the margins and the oft-unseen parts of the American existence. Read more at ARTnews.