Damián Ortega: Materialista


Mexican artist Damián Ortega's masterful new installation at Galpão Fortes Vilaça takes its title, "Materialista," from the Spanish word describing a truck that transports construction materials. The truck parts themselves are Ortega's chosen medium for the piece, a play on the idea of materialism and deconstruction.

Totaling eight meters long, the Mexican artist hung steel parts from the ceiling to create the illusion of an actual truck. This constellation uses opposition and value to depict the image and make its point. Like his 2002 dismembered Volkswagen beetle, titled "Cosmic Thing," this time around Ortega achieved a similar feat on a grander scale with Materialista.

Materialista Through 17 May 2009
Galpão Fortes Vilaça
Rua James Holland 71
Barra Funda
01138-000 São Paulo
Brasil map
tel. +55 11 3392 3942