Fortnite Video Game Now An Official High School and College Sport

The incredibly popular multiplayer game Fortnite is now a regulated high school and college sport, courtesy of a partnership between Epic Games (the studio behind the game) and PlayVS, the governing body that handles registering individual schools and teams. Since the game’s release in July of 2017, it has logged 78.3 million users, raked in just under $2 billion in annual profits, and successfully attracted the coveted 12-24 age range. With professional matches and championships rivaling the Super Bowl in total viewership, potential for collegiate scholarships for the new sport, and a realization that professional gaming is a viable (and high earning) career, more and more students are being encouraged to play if they’re talented—a stark contrast to traditional efforts to dissuade playing video games. The country’s six conferences will begin their inaugural regular season on 26 February. Read more at Forbes.