The Founders Museum Returns 150 Native American Artifacts

In a difficult and complicated process, the Founders Museum in Barre, Massachusetts has been working on repatriating numerous artifacts to Native people. So far, 150 items (including clothing, shoes, pipes and weapons) have been returned to Lakota and Sioux tribes. Some of the 150 objects (which is just a quarter of the museum’s collection) are connected with the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890, when almost 300 Lakota people were killed by the United States Army. “It has been a very difficult process due to third party interference and changing the minds of the membership,” Ann Meilus, president of the Founders Museum, tells Artnet. “We just wanted to do the right thing and help the Lakota people heal from the tragedy they suffered.” Read more at Artnet.

Image courtesy of  Bettmann Archive/Getty Images