France’s Environmentally Friendly Insect Farm

In Amiens (a town just north of Paris), a company called Ÿnsect is building a vertical farm that will be home to hundreds of millions of insects. Set to begin production in 2022, the farm will house an automated system for growing and processing “beetle larvae for use in products such as pet food, fertilizer and fish feed, as a way to dramatically shrink their environmental footprints.” A more environmentally sound option to land-clearing for other types of farming, this approach by Ÿnsect exists in their already-operating facility where robots do most of the work. The company was founded back in 2011 and co-founder, president and CEO Antoine Hubert says, “We know that with a growing population, and the limited resources we have on Earth, limited arable land, the maximum greenhouse gas emissions that we can afford with climate change, and biodiversity loss, there’s so much to do.” Find out more at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Ÿnsect