Going Out is Going In: Photography for a Cause

A selection of today's best outdoor-focused artists lend their work for environmental awareness

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When Ansel Adams received his first camera at the age of 14, there was no telling the artistic legacy the American wilderness photographer would leave. Creativity aside, Adams’ extensive portfolio was—and remains—an instrumental force in building momentum for environmental protection. Patagonia recently tapped a selection of today’s top outdoor photographers to garner support and awareness for One Percent for the Planet—a movement for which companies donate at least 1% of sales to environmental non-profits that are each carefully vetted. “Going Out is Going In” features the stunning work of favorites like Chris Burkard and National Geographic Young Explorers Grantee Becca Skinner. Over 152 pages, editors Jeff Johnson and James Joiner (each accomplished photographers in their own rights, with work included in the book) explore the wide range of contemporary outdoor photography—from the warm intimacy of Forest Woodward‘s camp-side imagery to the surreal seascapes of Ben Moon. Taken as a whole, the book is a contemporary snapshot of the ways in which today’s best photographers are capturing the outdoors—and ultimately making the case for its protection.

Going Out is Going In” is available from Patagonia for $20. One Percent for the Planet receives 100% of all proceeds from the book. Along with the book, a digital playlist is included featuring music donated by the likes of Tori y Moi, Modest Mouse, Bahamas and many more.

Images courtesy of Patagonia and respective photographers