Grand Journal Presents a 25 Day Reading Of Beowulf With an All-Star Cast

From Miz Cracker to Diane Cook to Alan Cumming, bibliophiles bring the newest translation of the epic work to life

Multi-hyphenate writer Maria Dahvana Headley’s latest work is a translation of the 1,000+ year old monster classic Beowulf. Long a fan of Grendel and his mother, she wrote The Mere Wife in 2018, a precursor of sorts to her new translation of the original storywhich uses modern day slang (including the word “bro”) to make the work more accessible.

Literary magazine Grand Journal is celebrating this work with an epic 25 day reading, featuring a who’s who of literary loving artists, each of whom will share part of the story in Zoom-captured readings. On the last day, 25 December, all of the videos will be presented in a single stream.

Starting today, 1 December, with drag queen Miz Cracker, who begins with a few lines of the work in its original Old English, the series includes readings by Laurie Anderson, Sara Quin, Alan Cumming, Justin Vivian Bond, Neil Gaiman and many more.

For those that prefer the written word or just want to follow along, a signed edition is available for $15 from One Grand.