Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces


Hawaii's geographic isolation is a blessing and curse. Though often lacking the attention of their continental neighbors, the separation helps fosters a distillation and refinement of native style. In the late 19th century, western traders brought quilting techniques to the archipelag. And for the next hundred years, natives injected the art with their own regional distinctiveness, namely botanical imagery and vibrant, symmetrical patterns Print styles passed through generations like sacred heirlooms and often depict moments from personal or Hawaiian history.

"Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces" has 60 full-page color images that explore some of the most characteristic quilts dating from 1880 to the late 1990s. Robert Shaw, an expert on American folk art and crafts, provides backstory and historical placement for each quilt, along with an overarching essay on the custom as a whole.


Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces will be available from Amazon.