Cool Hunting Video Presents: Hervé This

For this video, we travel to the a Parisian food laboratory to look at eatables from a chemical standpoint

Hervé This is recognized as the father of molecular gastronomy and has been studying the science of food for over 25 years. Superstar chefs Ferrán Adrià, Moto, Wylie Dufresne and others who wow diners with their foams, emulsions, frozen gasses and very slowly cooked creations have all been influenced by his work.

In this video This invites us into his lab at the Collége de France in Paris, where he explains his interest in studying food chemistry, performs an experiment with mayonnaise and explores the more romantic side of our relationship to cuisine. He says he is not interested in cooking, taste or in nutrition; he’s only interested in the science.

To learn more about his philosophy and the science of food his books Molecular Gastronomy and the recently-released Kitchen Mysteries are full of tips and insights. Kitchen Mysteries is available from Columbia.