The Reel New York Film Festival


I recently started watching "The Reel New York Film Festival," a show highlighting experimental works, shorts, documentaries, animated shorts and narratives made by New Yorkers and/or about New Yorkers on local cable.

Now in its twelfth season, tonight's program features several shorts including Jane Nisselson’s “Electromagnetic Spectrum,†which—in the tradition of the Eames science films—communicates a basic science phenomena via an apparently non-scientific situation. Nisselson uses a ping-pong match to symbolically convey a visceral sense of the force as its energy increases. Pat Irwin (of the B52s) soundtrack is an essential part of the narrative as it moves the viewer through the spectrum.

If you live in NYC, catch it on Channel 13, Thursday evenings at 10pm through 30 August 2007. Otherwise, you can watch trailers on their site.