Indigo De Souza: Younger & Dumber

From North Carolina-based recording artist Indigo De Souza’s forthcoming album, All of This Will End (out 28 April), comes the thoughtful, honest and emotional lead single, “Younger & Dumber,” along with an official music video that was directed by De Souza and features collaborative costume design by her mother, Kimberly Oberhammer (who also created the album’s artwork). For the video, in which De Souza wears an otherworldly mask designed by Henry Shearon, the artist took psilocybin as part of the creative process. “I have a very specific way of dancing when I’m on mushrooms,” she says in a statement. “The movements feel like electricity rising up from the earth through ancient networks of mycelium. It feels like the trees and plants are moving my body for me and I am just surrendering.”

Image by Angella Choe