Cool Hunting Video Presents: Jason Young

Jason uses highly toxic resins and metal surfaces to make his "nipple paintings"

Masculine and feminine. Ordered yet random. Intentional with elements of chance. Flat while also three-dimensional. These are some of the paradoxes of Vancouver born, LA and Paris schooled and NYC-based artist Jason Young‘s work.

Jason is a painter, sculptor, installation artist and recently a film maker. In this episode of Cool Hunting Video we travel to his studio in Hoboken, NJ to see the labor intensive (and highly toxic) process of making one of his shimmering resin paintings—in this case in a style he calls “nipple paintings” for the bumps he makes on the metal surface. We also visit Jason at his 2006 show in London and talk with him there and in his studio about his influences and aesthetics, how he discovered his style, and the techniques he’s developed.