Joseph Conforti


Joseph Conforti is a master of repetition. A raku ceramicist based in New York City, he creates hypnotic wall sculptures comprised of individual panels, each of which contains hundreds of ceramic pieces. Raku, for those unversed in ceramic speak, is a traditional form of Japanese pottery dating back to the 16th Century. It involves low temperature kiln firing, followed by a combustible immersion that gives the pieces their crackled surface and characteristic carbon-black quality. Because the process is so unpredictable, atmospheric conditions from day to day can produce amazingly different results.

Looking at Conforti's work induces a state of intoxicating calm. The Zen-like nature of his production and assembly, no doubt comes through in the completed works. Panels can be composed of alternating glazed and bisque pieces, in haunting black, imperial gold, earthy hues or vibrant colors. Examples of the sculpture can be seen and purchased through Desiron in New York. Check out some more images after the jump.