Jon Burgerman’s Drawings of Girls I’ve Seen on Tumblr

Brooklyn's cheeky illustrator looks to the ladies of the internet for colorful inspiration

burgerman-girls-tumblr-1.jpg burgerman-girls-tumblr-2.jpg

Intrigued by the Tumblr-girl phenomenon—where images of girls are posted online and then endlessly reblogged on various Tumblr sites—Brooklyn-based illustrator Jon Burgerman has decided to join in. Only instead of simply reposting selected images of girls he sees on various Tumblr sites, he’s been drawing them and then blogging the resulting colourful, playfully irreverent images. “I draw girls I see on Tumblr and place them back onto Tumblr. I try to post one every day,” says Burgerman of the project’s simple premise.

burgerman-girls-tumblr-3.jpg burgerman-girls-tumblr-4.jpg

A self-initiated (and self-explanatory) project, Burgerman’s new Tumblr blog—dubbed Drawings of Girls I’ve Seen On Tumblr—has been up and running for a couple of weeks now and features images with titles such as “Girl Looking Tough,” “Girl With Lots Of Tattoos,” or “Girl With Harry Styles.” He tells us, “It’s a mix and flattening of a variety of images of models, [girls in] adverts, celebrities, self-taken shots, etc that all borrow the same visual language from each other and hanker for the lingering gaze of the viewer.” The idea is, he adds, that the new blog acts as a kind of “visual discussion of this cultural trend.”

See more of Burgerman’s Matisse-like drawings on the dedicated Tumblr site, or pick up some of his original artworks or his hilarious illustrated book from his online shop, Burgerplex.