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Judith Supine Gets Wet

Taking street art, er, beyond the street, Judith Supine took to the waters of the East River in New York recently with a guerilla floating installation. His colorful, awkward and—at times—political collage works can be found around lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, but this is the first time (that we know of) that he’s created a floating piece.

Did you catch his hanging banner on the Manhattan Bridge a few weeks back? Expect more wild but carefully thought-out work from him in the near future.

Go here for another video of Supine from a few years back, this time putting up a politically-charged piece on the Army Recruitment Center in Times Square. His reason for putting it up: “to quote E.E Cummings ‘there is some shit I will not eat.'” See more images of his wheat-paste work here.

via Supertouch


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